Hugo Birkelund

Co-founder, CEO

Co-founder and CEO at Energy Quantified. He has since 1999 held various leading positions within the development, marketing and sales of analysis platforms for NTE/PointCarbon and Markedskraft/MKonline. Before that he worked 10 years with research at ENRI and Statistics Norway. By education, he holds a degree at the University of Oslo specializing in econometrics and mathematical economy. Hugo is the go-to person for questions related to Energy Quantified’s development, forecast models and data feed.

Blog posts

Improve your ML with EQ

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) present some fascinating modeling approaches. However, even with ML and hyper-fast computing, the old saying "garbage in, garbage out" or simply GIGO holds true.

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What's the price effect of Cobra?

The 700 MW Cobra cable, connecting the Netherlands and DK1 (Jylland) is scheduled to start commercial operation on Monday. In this short blog, we investigate the effects it will have on the price formation.

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Happy birthday 2019

This week we celebrate our 2nd anniversary as Energy Quantified or simply “EQ” – a Montel company. Two years on, we provide “all you need to be in power” for all price areas in Europe.

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River temperatures, we can have you covered

As rising river temperatures may affect the output at thermal power plants due to cooling water restrictions, we invite you to suggest a river location for which we can provide forecasts and historical data.

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