Features overview

We collect, analyse and forecast all important variables for power market professionals.
Geographical coverage

Covering 67 price area and countries in Europe, plus the German TSO areas and French regions.

  • Price areas
  • Countries
  • German TSO areas and French regions
  • All transmission borders
Spot and exchange

Forecasting prices, power flows, weather uncertainty and market sensitivities.

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  • Actual prices
  • Price forecasts
  • Ensemble forecasts
  • Market sensitivities
  • Price spreads
  • Exchange forecasts
  • Commercial exchange capacities
  • Net transfer capacities

Actuals, normals and forecasts
for variables that drive the market.

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  • Residual production
  • Residual load
  • Consumption
  • Wind power (onshore, offshore)
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Nuclear
  • Coal, gas, lignite, CHP
  • Hydro production
  • Cross-border exchanges

Actuals and seasonal normals for areas where hydrology matters. Currently in early access.

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  • Hydrological balance
  • Inflow
  • Precipitation energy and evaporation
  • Snow and groundwater
  • Reservoir filling
  • Net hydro production

Continually processing Remit messages and generating time-series capacities.

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  • Production and consumption outages
  • Transmission outages
  • Nuclear production forecasts
  • Capacity time series for 1300+ power plants
  • Actual production for 1300+ power plants
  • Stacked capacity time series for each fuel type per price area
  • Net transfer capacity time series
  • River temperatures

Data for all imbalance and regulation markets. Forecasting imbalance prices in Germany.

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  • Imbalance prices and volumes
  • reBAP (Germany)
  • Regulating prices and volumes
  • IGCC
  • FCR, aFFR, mFFR, RR
Fuels and costs (coming soon)

Closing data for power contracts and a wide range of associated markets. Calculating spreads and marginal costs and currency rate effects.

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  • Power future contracts
  • EUA
  • Coal, gas, oil
  • Short-run marginal cost (SRMC)
  • Dark and spark spreads

Weather forecasting for power markets
and plant operators.

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  • Temperatures
  • Precipitation energy and evaporation
  • River temperatures
  • Overcast
  • Heating, cooling and chilling indices
  • Weather maps
  • Daily weather comments
  • 4-week and seasonal outlook
  • 7 industry-leading weather models, 24 forecasts daily
Local forecasts

Simulated historical data, multiple forecasts and seasonal normals for specific geolocations, supply areas, or individual power plants.

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  • Heating, cooling, chilling indices
  • Consumption index
  • Solar power production
  • Wind power production

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