Features overview

We collect, analyse and forecast all important variables for power market professionals.
Geographical coverage

Covering all price areas in Europe, plus the German TSO areas and French regions.

  • Price areas
  • Countries
  • German TSO areas and French regions
  • All transmission borders
Spot and exchange

Forecasting prices, power flows, weather uncertainty and market sensitivities.

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  • Actual prices
  • Price forecasts
  • Ensemble forecasts
  • Market sensitivities
  • Price spreads
  • Exchange forecasts
  • Commercial exchange capacities
  • Net transfer capacities

Actuals, normals and forecasts for the fundamental variables that drive the market.

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  • Residual production
  • Residual load
  • Consumption
  • Wind power (onshore, offshore)
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Nuclear
  • Coal, gas, lignite, CHP
  • Hydro production
  • Cross-border exchanges

Actuals and seasonal normals for areas where hydrology matters.

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  • Hydrological balance
  • Inflow
  • Precipitation energy and evaporation
  • Snow and groundwater
  • Reservoir filling
  • Net hydro production

Continually processing REMIT outage messages and generating time-series capacities.

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  • Production and consumption outages
  • Transmission outages
  • Nuclear production forecasts
  • Capacity time series for 1300+ power plants
  • Actual production for 1300+ power plants
  • Stacked capacity time series for each fuel type per price area
  • Net transfer capacity time series
  • River temperatures

Data for all imbalance and regulation markets. Forecasting imbalance prices in Germany.

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  • Imbalance prices and volumes
  • reBAP (Germany)
  • Regulating prices and volumes
  • IGCC
  • FCR, aFFR, mFFR, RR
Futures, fuels and costs

Closing prices for power contracts and a wide range of associated fuel markets. Calculating marginal costs with currency rate effects.

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  • Power future contracts
  • EUA
  • Coal, gas, oil
  • Short-run marginal cost (SRMC)

Weather forecasting for power markets
and plant operators.

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  • Temperatures
  • Precipitation energy and evaporation
  • River temperatures
  • Overcast
  • Heating, cooling and chilling indices
  • Weather maps
  • Daily weather comments
  • 4-week and seasonal outlook
  • 7 industry-leading weather models, 24 forecasts daily
Local forecasts

Simulated historical data, multiple forecasts and seasonal normals for specific geolocations, supply areas, or individual power plants.

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  • Heating, cooling, chilling indices
  • Consumption index
  • Solar power production
  • Wind power production

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