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Provide trading signals and decision-support to traders and management. Build, maintain and operate internal models to that purpose.

Everything you need for your tasks

EQ’s rich web app, Excel integrator and user-friendly API
aid you in building, operating and maintaining all the models
and reports you are expected to produce for traders and managers every day. Suggest new projects internally,
knowing that EQ covers your data needs.

A reliable partner

EQ’s high operating consistency, attention to detail and industry experience removes time series interruptions caused by weekends, holidays or vacations. We keep you updated on emerging price movers and market developments.

By using EQ’s Help button, competent discussion partners
for your new cool projects are just a click away.


Scan and review market signals, develop trading strategies, execute trades and pitch development ideas to your team of analysts and developers.

Price moving signals as they happen

EQ’s "Always updated" feature ensures that changes
to underlying price drivers are continually quantified
and translated into price effects.  

Continuously developing helpful tools

EQ’s focus on model development ensures you do not
miss out on new price drivers, but simply benefit  
from cutting edge model development.

EQ’s Help button links you to competent discussion
partners for ideas you wish to test.

Power purchaser

Make confident decisions based on robust input. We cover the variables you need to make the right decision on when to buy and at what prices.

The right price and input for you

Get it right from the outset. Optimise your power procurement using EQ’s price forecasts. Our power experts are always accessible via phone, email or our Help button.

No installation or up-front investment

EQ has removed costly or complicated installations on your side, and our transparent pricing and access policy takes away the risk of unforeseen costs.

Better timing of your maintenance

Combine our price forecast with simulations of your units'
power consumption or production to minimise your maintenance costs.

Click on EQ’s Help button for a speaking partner and assistance .


We help you make the most of a highly competent team of professionals, respecting your own responsibility for earnings and costs.

Data for your team and model systems

EQ’s comprehensive and timely data feed ensures that every team member’s needs are well covered and that they can stay focused on your company's core business.

Keep your team moving

EQ’s transparent and all-inclusive access policy makes sure your teams’ creative momentum is not lost to time-consuming data gathering. Our pricing structure helps you stay within your data-budget and has a cost-saving cloud solution to match.

A trusted vendor

Facilitated via the renowned Montel brand, you know that vendor transparency is ensured and that we will continue to deliver on our promise: Continue to develop useful tools.

Procurement manager

We understand your dilemma: Overseeing the procurement of essential tools for the business in line with corporate rules and vendor budgets.  

Simplify your data-sourcing

EQ’s scalable service with an all-inclusive-per-country pricing structure ensures that you can tailor your purchase to in-house needs. The scope of our service ensures that you can cut down on many other smaller providers.

A trusted vendor

EQ is part of the Montel group, ensuring continuity and stability. If you already are a Montel subscriber, you may bundle your EQ account with your existing Montel subscription, providing a transparent planning environment.


Customer requests and sales meetings require straightforward access to a wide array of data. We got you covered.  

Data for your models

EQ’s deep database of curated historical data is always at hand, whether you need to query for a report or prepare for a sales meeting. The Excel integrator provides a simple, yet extremely powerful gateway to all the information you need.

Compete with the big players

Power market information that used to be reserved for only the largest players with a huge support team is now at hand for any consultant in the power business.

Assistance on demand

Our experienced staff helps you find and interpret data, saving you and your team time and effort while providing depth to your analysis.


You are a software developer who translates ideas into running code and algorithms. We speak your language.   

Scale your work with EQ's API

An API built by developers, for developers, makes finding and retrieving data extremely efficient.

No data pre-processing

The historical data comes curated. Access consistent and inter-changeable subsets by using predefined sets of parameters, greatly shortening the time from start to completion of a project.

Assistance is near

You always have a communication-line open to the EQ developers and market experts. We speak the same language.

Designed for professionals.
Built for business.

Pick the role that best fits your profile to see how we may help you.

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