REMIT quantified

Countless clunky text messages from multiple sources translated into manageable relevant price-driving signals.

Moving beyond text messages

Crystal clear and easy-to-use price drivers derived from a flood of text messages.
From chaos to order
All REMIT outage messages made readable and sorted for when they are active and organised into meaning full groups: Planned or unplanned, production by fuel type, consumption, or transmission.
From text to MWh
Text quantified into curves for all individual units. Aggregated by fuel type make it easy to see the complex composition of the supply-side, either as total or by fuel type.
From MWh to €/MWh
REMIT for consumption, production and transmission capacities are coupled to our price model. Facilitates instant valuation in terms of €/MWh for all reported changes.
Focusing on your market
Which part of the curve are you analysing and trading? Day-ahead, week-ahead, month-ahead. View the time slice relevant for you only.
Our archive of REMIT curves makes it easy to review market incidents retrospectively, for example verifying what the available capacities were on any particular date.
Capacity factors
Superimposing the historical production provides a convenient way to understand the relationship between available capacity and output, down to individual units.
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REMIT capacities as time series

Outage messages create a more transparent market, but ultimately you need capacity time series as input for models. Converting outage messages to time series data is hard work. We know, because we did it for you.
Transmission capacities

The borders where outages information is available are mapped as time series. These are a great substitute to the net transfer capacities on ENTSO-E, because the REMIT messages are more up to date.

Time series for individual plants

We have mapped 1600+ power plants and keep adding more on a regular basis. Whenever we receive an outage message for a power plant, we generate a new time series right away with up-to-date capacities.

Availabilities per fuel type

If you wish to know what the current aggregated available capacity is for coal-fired plants in Poland, we have already quantified it for you. And we've also done the same for other fuel types in all other price areas.

Actual production for individual plants

Not only do we cover the reported available capacity for individual power plants, we also calculate the actual production for a almost all of them. It's quantified and prepared for you to view online or download.

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