Spot and exchange

Every recorded price signals in Europe instantaneously quantified into expected spot price, market uncertainty, sensitivities and price spreads.

More than a spot forecast

Answering the important questions.
Spot prices for your specific areas

Price levels days and weeks ahead. What is the price moving effect of ever-shifting fundamentals and outages? Coupling or decoupling? We update you continually on ever-changing variables.   

Market sensitivities

An X-ray into the spot market. What are the spot markets' net €/MWh derivatives at the probable price level? Perfect for assessing market uncertainty, when weather does not provide sufficient variation.

Price spreads

Expected price differences. What is the likely price spread to adjoining markets? Invaluable when assessing the potential for price coupling/decoupling and potential arbitrage.

Ensemble forecasts

Weather uncertainty quantified into €/MWh. How likely is a prices spike or may we suffer negative prices? The vast variability in mixed weather signals summarised and quantified.  

Power flow and capacities

Keep track of the complexity.
Exchange forecasts

Consistent and comprehensive simulation of power flows in the European spot market. An early warning of price decoupling and spikes. Perfect input if you run a price model, but do not have all of Europe covered.   

REMIT transmission capacities

Continually updated intelligence on available capacities throughout Europe ensures all relevant input is embedded in the price forecasts. This also makes us an efficient data source for your proprietary models.

Complete market description

Implicit, explicit or flow-based market coupling; the entire system described and modeled in detail. Observe the differences, learn, and maybe use the embedded information in your own modelling.

Hard to understand, but essential

The interdependence between prices and power flows, shifting capacities and market design. We understand the system, have modeled it and simulate it continuously.

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