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REMIT untangled

Hugo Birkelund - 25 April 2019 16:51

How do REMIT messages stack up? Energy Quantified (EQ) now provides quantified REMIT and UMM messages for all your areas. A notoriously complicated, but important data feed is boiled down to easy-to-handle numeric time series. Choose the price-area you focus on and see the:

  • Total available capacity per fuel type (nuclear, coal, etc.)
  • Historical production associated with the capacities
  • Production forecasts from EQ (where available)

EQ recalculates the available capacities whenever new outage messages become available, assuring you get up-to-date data. 

Want to grab the historical data?

Help yourself to EQ's database. All REMIT/UMM data are of course saved in the highest possible resolution. EQ takes care of all problems connected to resolution.

  • Retrieve data for any individual power unit or stacked by fuel type going years back
  • Apply our easy-to-use search and filter functionality to create a list of variables to download 
  • Use the Excel Integrator or the Time series API to pipe any data available on EQ directly into your own models and systems.

In simple terms, you do not need your own specialised database to start using EQ's REMIT data - or any data from us for that matter. Furthermore, you do not have to keep track of a complex nomenclature or random IDs. All EQ time series have descriptive names.

In fact, if you have claimed your EQ access, you will be up and running with a REMIT feed in no time. If not, claim your access to EQ here  

Want to view the outage messages?

No problem. View messages sorted by price area and time horizon/product (day-ahead, week-ahead, month-ahead, etc.). What’s truly valuable is not really how much we show, but rather all the irrelevant information we are removing for you.

This will save you the time you’d otherwise have to spend browsing messages that are not active or otherwise not relevant for the market you active in.

Why do we do this? Because we can.

Numbers count.

Topics: API- Excel- power data- historical data- UMM- REMIT

Hugo Birkelund

Hugo Birkelund

Cofounder and CEO at Energy Quantified. He has since 1999 held various leading positions within development, marketing and sales of analysis platforms for NTE/PointCarbon and Markedskraft/MKonline. Before that he worked 10 years with research at ENRI and Statistics Norway. By education he holds a degree at the University of Oslo specializing in econometrics and mathematical economy. Hugo is the go-to person for questions related to EQ’s development, forecast models and data feed.

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