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Market indicators for South-Eastern Europe – week 46

Eylert Ellefsen
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Energy Quantified is preparing to create market reports, where we look at the main market indicators on a weekly perspective. This blog series is a sneak peek into the content of the reports.


Comment updated 13 November

The spot prices in South-Eastern Europe (SEE) is so far this week quite bullish due to low wind power in Romania and partly influenced by low German wind too.

We expect declining spot prices next week (47) as the Romanian wind power will normalize, we will see substantial precipitation and probably increased hydropower. SEE Production capacity will remain mostly unchanged.

German wind power will increase next week (47), and we see declining spot prices for Germany and Austria.

The fuels and the associated SRMCs are slightly bullish at the moment, partly some upside support from news of the Coronavirus vaccine and US presidential election. Thus the Month Ahead prices have been somewhat bullish lately. Our short-term view is slightly on the bullish side too.

Main market indicators

Main market indicators for the power markets in South-Eastern Europe as view on 13 November. Closing prices for coal, gas, EUA and power are from 12 November.

Important market drivers in charts

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