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Christmas in March

Hugo Birkelund
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It is only one week until Montel’s 5th Alpine Energy conference kicks off in Lech, Austria. Every year, before I begin my journey to the Alps, I get the sweet anticipation of Christmas. Meeting old friends, making new ones, copious amounts of food, and the opportunity for outdoor snow activities. Ahhh.

Its Time To Ski sign with sky background.jpeg

The conference hotel, is, unfortunately, sold out. However, please check with us for available conference seats before making a booking at other hotels nearby. Regarding the social events, we have a saying:

“There is always room for one more at a Montel reception.”

Besides providing a fantastic opportunity for networking, the Montel Alpine conference program will offer fascinating insights into market developments and the outlook going forward.

I am going to speak about intra-hour modelling and why this is important for energy trading, even for markets that operate on an hourly resolution.

I am also particularly looking forward to see presentations by, and to meet my old colleagues Blazej Radomski and Konstantin Lenz, from my time in MKonline, now Wattsight.

Who would you like to meet?

Check out the programme, book and enjoy the sweet Christmas feeling in March.

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