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Expand the web interface and link in more variables.

Add more hydrology

Add functionality to the Nordic hydrology. The service is powered by SMHI. Our goal: Complete pan European hydrology, with a deep history, comprehensive status and many forecasts, all coupled to EQs proprietary price models.

Lead time view

Produce Lead time analysis. Enable consistent view of the forecasts history and comparisons of weather model’s performance in terms of MWh/H and price/MWh/h

Power flow

Add full status and forecast service for border flow and capacities in the power market.

New Web interface

The amount of content provided every day has outgrown even our most optimistic expectations when we launched EQ in February 2018. With 24 forecasts arriving, and 4.5+ million data points provided every day in each price area, time as already come to rework the layout of our Energy Quantified. The planned reshuffling of the layout will enable you to focus and simplify your workflow. The overall aim is to bring you the best possible information feed and decision support at any time. True to our pledge to early access we welcome your input, any time.


Enlarge the Intraday section. Our goal: Consistent view of all European intraday markets, history, status and forecasts for the period next quarter to 72nd hour.

More projects and products


Start showing full interactive benchmark. Our Goal: Enable users to pick and choose the forecasts(s) that perform best for their area. EQ already provide seven forecasts. More will follow. The benchmark in question is instrumental in making informed choices.

Weather map

Start revamping the SMHI weather maps and comment system. Add better and higher granulation in the information, improved user interface.

Further out on the curve

Upgrade the web presentation to include the Week-ahead and Month-ahead product.

Expand the web interface

Set up new reports tune the menu and implement users’ suggestions.

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