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River temps, we can have you covered

Hugo Birkelund - 21 July 2019 16:20

As rising river temperatures may affect the output at thermal power plants due to cooling water restrictions, we invite you to suggest a river location for which we can provide forecasts and historical data. But first, check which 18 locations in Germany and France which we already cover.

Topics: River temperatures- REMIT- capacity reduction- inflow

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Good and bad weather stations

Hugo Birkelund - 24 October 2017 13:55

EQ research shows: Removing “bad” weather stations substantially improves the quality and stability of power consumption forecast systems. 

In general, you need to find the correct weather stations if you want to succeed in modelling the weather-driven parts of the power market. Using a sophisticated model, but skimping on included stations, could even make matters worse. Even if you want to report something as simple as the average temperature in an area, this is a golden rule. If the weather stations are ill-chosen, the spatial-averaged temperature will be far off  whatever you want it to represent. And the inherent error will be passed on to subsequent models that use temperature, or any weather parameters, as input.

Topics: Weather stations- Consumption modelling- Wind Power- Photovoltaic production- Wind-Chill index- Heating index- Cooling index- Overcast index- Reservoir production- River temperatures- Run of river production

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Energy Quantified was founded in September 2017 with the aim of creating the most innovative data and analysis platform for the power markets. Here we will post updates on the progress of the services and descriptions of our models and features as they develop.

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