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Improve your ML with EQ

Hugo Birkelund - 11 September 2019 19:25

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) present some fascinating modeling approaches. However, even with ML and hyper-fast computing, the old saying "garbage in, garbage out" or simply GIGO holds true. EQ provides structured and curated data for modeling. Our database is a treasure trove for model developers.

Topics: API- Artificial Intelligence- Fundamentals- Input data- Modelling

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What's the price effect of Cobra?

Hugo Birkelund - 6 September 2019 13:48

The 700 MW Cobra cable, connecting the Netherlands and DK1 (Jylland) is scheduled to start commercial operation on Monday. In this short blog, we investigate the effects it will have on the price formation. Conclusion: The effect of the cable will leak into many markets, we expect.

Topics: Analysis- Power Analysis Platform

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Happy birthday 2019

Hugo Birkelund - 5 September 2019 11:37

This week we celebrate our 2nd anniversary as Energy Quantified or simply “EQ” – a Montel company. Two years on, our service provides “all you need to be in power” for all price areas in Europe.

Topics: Analysis- Power Analysis Platform

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SEE hydrology and an exciting August?

Eylert Ellefsen - 7 August 2019 22:15

August can become an exciting month for traders in the SEE region. Recent precipitation forecasts have remained very dry. If these continue, there will be a further reduction in hydropower production and an additional upward pressure on spot-prices in the SEE-region. This is the conclusion gleaned from EQ’s new Pan European hydro model, which will be launched soon.

Topics: precipitation energy- inflow- hydrological balance- melting- hydro production- SEE region

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Large differences in Alpine hydro balances

Eylert Ellefsen - 3 August 2019 12:05

EQ's new hydrology models indicate that we enter August with large differences in hydrological balance across the Alpine area. Switzerland and Austria now have reservoir fillings of, respectively, 12% and 8% above their seasonal normal, whereas France and Italy are on their seasonal normal. High snow reservoirs and delayed melting during the spring, was followed by a heatwave end of June and start of July. This sparked melting, led to high inflow levels and ultimately rapidly increasing hydro reservoir levels in Switzerland and Austria.

Topics: precipitation energy- inflow- hydrological balance- melting- hydro production

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Energy Quantified was founded in September 2017 with the aim of creating the most innovative data and analysis platform for the power markets. Here we will post updates on the progress of the services and descriptions of our models and features as they develop.

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