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Mr Hydrology joins EQ

Hugo Birkelund - 5 April 2019 08:32

We are pleased to announce that Eylert Ellefsen joins Energy Quantified (EQ) as a senior analyst. Many will recognise Eylert as the person who pioneered the development of hydro models in Europe.

Eylert's background

Eylert comes from Wattsight (former Markedskraft), where he for the last 19 years distinguished himself as a leading contributor to the analysis team. His attention to details and ability to tie it all together into a coherent market analysis earned him his colleague’s and client’s recognition and admiration.

The next generation hydro models

By hiring Eylert, we confirm our commitment to build and operate the next generation hydro-power and hydrology forecast models. We aim to focus on the short- and medium-term price formation effect stemming from the hydro system. In line with the hitherto developed EQ models, the planned hydro system will entail unprecedented high resolution, broad coverage and attention to details. The work so far clearly points to a future where hydro production and hydrology will be much richer described and deeper understood than up to now.  

Why is this important for you?

For you, this means an improved early-warning system on how hydro production affects the short-term power markets. An improved understanding of the short-term effects in hydrology will also spill over into an improved understanding of hydrology and forecasts of with longer lead horizon.

Follow the development

You can already make use of EQ's hydrology numbers by exploring our self-service database of actuals related to hydrology, like hydro production and reservoir levels. EQ also provides capacities of available capacity generated from REMIT messages linked to hydro production, both on individual units and stacked to the total for any price area.

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Hugo Birkelund

Hugo Birkelund

Cofounder and CEO at Energy Quantified. He has since 1999 held various leading positions within development, marketing and sales of analysis platforms for NTE/PointCarbon and Markedskraft/MKonline. Before that he worked 10 years with research at ENRI and Statistics Norway. By education he holds a degree at the University of Oslo specializing in econometrics and mathematical economy. Hugo is the go-to person for questions related to EQ’s development, forecast models and data feed.

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